Mark founded School Match 4U in 2010 when KIPP South Fulton Academy parents started requesting that he help students outside of the KIPP Metro Atlanta school system. Our mission is to positively influence the life of each child by finding a great school match for their education and assisting families in getting their child enrolled in that match school. School Match 4Us primary focus is on boarding school and college placement‚ as well as developing comprehensive and customized educational products related to boarding school and college admissions.

“The BEST school is the one that brings out the BEST in your child.”


Mark created A Secret World and Game Changer for 4 reasons:

  1. He was concerned that the students and families that needed his help the most were unable to afford his one-on-one consulting services. To meet this need, in 2012, Mark decided to transition to making product development the primary focus of SM4U and having full-service consulting be the secondary focus. Mark wanted to make boarding school counseling and quality college counseling affordable for students and families from all socio-economic backgrounds.
  2. Mass confusion and misunderstanding exists regarding boarding schools. The media perpetuates a caricature that is just not consistent with the experience that most people have who attend college prep boarding schools. There are 14.9 million students in high school in the US but approximately 1-in-500 attend a college prep boarding school. Very few students or adults have even been on a boarding school campus. There was no comprehensive visual product in the market that explained this misunderstood schooling option, so we created a boarding school documentary series that uses personal stories from over 100 people to explain what life is really like at boarding school.
  3. According to NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling), the average counselor to student ratio is 272 to 1 in public schools and only 23% of a counselor’s time is spent on college counseling. Students are falling through the cracks in droves in our public schools. A comprehensive product was needed that could reach students and parents for a fraction of what it costs to hire SM4U or any other quality full service counseling firm.
  4. We live in a visual society. Look at the popularity of YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Netflix. Many great books are available about boarding schools and college guidance, but quality video content is sparse and limited. Some worthwhile videos can be found, but none feature an integrated system that can take a student who knows absolutely nothing about the college admissions process and walk them step-by-step to the point where they can easily enroll. We are proud to offer Game Changer, which does just that and at an amazing price too!


  • It has always been Mark’s passion to produce premier college coaching to people of all incomes. He has been involved in education access and equity initiatives for two decades. This is why he launched the Game Changer video series in 2014. Game Changer was a substantial savings compared to comprehensive college coaching, but at $279.90 it still wasn’t affordable to everyone. Mark wanted to offer product that was 1/10th the price of Game Changer while being just as comprehensive. With 171 Answers, he wanted a product that was less than a tank of gas so that money would not be what denied people in need from having access to knowledge about college .
  • Mark also wanted to develop a product that was consistent with how people want to receive information. We live in the Snapchat generation. We want insightful information instantaneously. 171 Answers is a reference book, so parents and students should start by doing a thorough review of the 171 chapter titles in the table of contents. From there they can then see which chapters answer their questions and help solve their problems so they can go directly to that page. This saves valuable time and money.
  • Mark wanted a product everyone was familiar and comfortable with using. While there are non-readers out there, almost everyone loves a great story and illustrations. 171 Answers not only has in-depth responses to the most-asked college questions, but the 200 stories and illustrations appeal to the non-reader and the infrequent reader.
  • College access is a national dilemma but the problem is more flagrant in the black and brown community. Students need role models. They need to see high achievers who look like them. In 171 Answers, black and brown kids hear about and see role models who look like them. The book also accomplishes this while simultaneously providing examples and content that is relevant to students and parents of all races and incomes.
  • Finally, Mark wanted a product that was easy to update to include new developments in college admission. It is our intention to release a new edition every other year.

Jesus taught in parables because he understood how our minds work. Our mind is a picture gallery and not an encyclopedia. The stories and illustrations are not only for the non-reader as they are another way in which all of us remember what we are taught. They also make 171 Answers fun, and at times entertaining.

It is with dedication and tremendous enthusiasm that I welcome you to explore 171 Answers!

Mark Stucker,
Founder, School Match 4U

Mark Stucker, Founder of School Match 4U

Mark Stucker has more than 15 years of experience in boarding school admissions and college counseling working with private day, boarding, and charter school students as well as private clients. Since 2009, he’s worked for KIPP Metro Atlanta with high school and college placement. Mark is the Director of High School Placement at KIPP South Fulton Academy and he is responsible for boarding school placement for all four KIPP Metro Atlanta middle schools. KIPP is the largest charter school network in the country.

Career Highlights

  • Worked at the Phillips School doing college admission in the early 90s in Dallas, TX
  • Was an active admissions volunteer at Westtown School from 1999-2001
  • Did college counseling for boarding school students at the Westtown School from 2001 – 2009
  • Was Associate director of Admissions at Westtown School from 2002 – 2009
  • Served as the chair of one of the admissions committees at Westtown School for five years.
  • Has traveled nationally and internationally to recruit boarding school students at fairs and through school visits and receptions.
  • Has worked with more than 1,000 students through either boarding school admissions, boarding school placement, college admissions or college placement


School Match 4U LogoDetailed information about (and payment for) our full-service educational consulting can be found at Because of his workload and travel schedule, Mark can only take on a limited number of college admissions clients, as well as a limited number of high-achieving 6th–11th graders who are considering boarding school. If you are interested in full-service consulting, please visit to learn more about our consulting services.