School Match 4U believes that by developing products, we can reach more people, and therefore, can impact more lives than we can by exclusively doing full service consulting. Over time we will roll out additional education products on this website. These products may be developed by Mark Stucker or another School Match 4U consultant, but they will always be products or services that Mark Stucker personally approves of and they will always be in the area of education.

We want to offer outstanding advice to people who do not have the resources for full service consulting. A lot of our clients come to us because they want a plan. Even families with means are often very content to save money and use our resources to help empower them to make the right school choice. We also diligently study other admissions resources on the market, and when we feel that we can offer something unique that is not available, we derive great joy in helping people learn valuable information at a fraction of what it would cost to pay for it during one-on-one consultations.

171 Answers

171 Answers provides in-depth explanations to questions readers have about the college admissions process and graduating from college with minimal debt.

A Secret World

A 5-part documentary series, along with a Viewing Guide, that shows what life is really like at boarding school.

Game Changer

The most comprehensive video explanation of the college admissions process in the marketplace.