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171 Answers to the Most Asked College Admission Questions


There are real answers to the questions you have about college admissions and graduating from college with minimal debt. The answers are masterfully illustrated and accompanied by true interesting real life stories.

What’s Included:

  • 1 copy of 171 Answers
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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What is it?

A reference book with the answers to your college questions.
171 Answers provides in-depth explanations to questions readers have about the college admissions process and graduating from college with minimal debt.

How is 171 Answers different from other college books?

  1. The table of contents takes you straight to the page with the answers you seek.
  2. Over 200 true stories and illustrations keep all readers engaged.
  3. Written for families of all incomes and ethnicities.
  4. Comprehensive and thorough; teaches even an experienced admission officer something new.
  5. Incorporates recent changes in college admissions.
  6. Costs less than a tank of gas!


Section 1: Selecting the Right Career 10 Questions answered
Section 2: Building the Right College List Section 18 Questions answered
Section 3: Getting Accepted Where You Apply 65 Questions answered
Section 4: Paying for College Without Going Broke 70 Questions answered
Section 5: Staying in and Graduating 8 Questions answered
Section 6: Recommended Resources


  • Every college applicant and his/her parents
  • Students in college and their parents
  • Parents with younger children who want to give their kids many college options
  • Educators and college counselors who want to help the students they teach and counsel
  • Anyone curious about the college admission process


  • Students who want to go to non-US colleges
  • Students who want to go to for profit colleges
  • Students who are applying to professional schools or graduate school


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