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Who’s A Good Match


Running time: 1:09:00

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A Secret World is a documentary series that explores what life is like at college preparatory boarding schools by using personal stories from over 100 individuals, from a wide range of different backgrounds, to explore this misunderstood schooling option.


  • Thought-provoking, unbiased interviews with current and prospective students, boarding school graduates, parents, public school leaders and current admissions counselors
  • Educator Insights from nationally prominent boarding school leaders
  • Statistical Insights about boarding schools
  • Footage from participating boarding schools across the U.S.
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In this part of A Secret World, we’ll find out what kinds of kids do best in a college prep boarding school setting. We will also talk about what kind of kids will not do well. We will hear from two current admission counselors about how they evaluate various components of the admission application, as well as what they look for in an applicant.

Film Segments

  • Boarding Is Not For Everyone
  • Who’s A Good Match: Student Perspectives
  • Who’s A Good Match: Adult Perspectives
  • Who’s A Bad Match: Student Perspectives
  • Who’s A Bad Match: Adult Perspectives
  • Wrestling With The Decision

Included In This Film

  • 3 featured stories
  • 15 students in shorter (10 to 90 seconds) segments
  • 5 boarding school graduates
  • 14 parents
  • 9 boarding school admission counselors

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Video Clip(s)

Is Your Child A Good Match For A College Prep Boarding School

Did you ever wonder which children will do well at a college prep boarding school and which students will not do well? In this segment of the boarding school documentary, A Secret World, Juan Shields and his son Joshua Shields discuss the character traits that students should have if they are going to do well at a college prep boarding school. Juan mentions four character traits that successful boarding school students will have and Joshua adds an additional character trait that a studen