College Admissions Video Series

Game Changer is a 10+ hour college admissions video series that comes with a free 150-page workbook. It is the most comprehensive video explanation of the college process in the marketplace. This product is a dissemination of the vast amounts of knowledge Mark has gained over his years in the industry. Game Changer is designed to be a self paced course for individuals, a classroom course for groups, or as a tool for college counselors to use as a resource for their students. Game Changer comes with free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee. This applies to anyone who watches all 10+ hours of the series and is not satisfied for any reason.


  • 6 DVDs, in 2 volumes, containing over 10 hours of college admissions instructions, guidance and tips
  • A 150-page workbook full of fresh content not included in the video series
  • The two 2 DVD volumes and the workbook all come in a custom designed box that is great for storing all of the materials in one central place
  • FREE 1-hour consultation with Mark Stucker, creator of Game Changer, to get your specific questions answered (this is only available with the purchase of the full series)


Volume 1

  • Disc 1 – Know yourself and know what you want in a college
  • Disc 2 – Know what college majors and careers are best for you
  • Disc 3 – Know which colleges to apply to

Volume 2

  • Disc 4 – Know how to increase your chances of getting in
  • Disc 5 – Know how to apply
  • Disc 6 – Know where to get the money


  • 45 unique tips not shared in the video series
  • 10 additional ways to get free money for college
  • 17 ways you can borrow for college
  • 100+ financial terms used in the college process
  • 4 additional ways to apply to college
  • How many colleges you should apply to
  • 5 bonus websites not included in the video series
  • Dozens of thought provoking questions and exercises that are designed to help each student think and apply the material in the video series
  • Over 40% of the 150 page workbook is designed to address the issues related to college affordability
  • The workbook is great for a classroom environment as it makes students think their way through the college process and guides them step-by-step through the college admissions process.


  • Middle school students, high school students and adults that want to attend a 4-year college/university in the United States
  • Game Changer is great for a self-paced course; however, it is also great for a school class, church youth group, or any other organization that serves teenagers and is concerned about their college options. Game Changer makes an ideal college admissions course. An adult can serve as a moderator, but the content is comprehensive and the moderator doesn’t have be a college admission expert for the course to be effective. You simply buy one series for the group and separate workbooks for each student.
  • Game Changer doesn’t cover International colleges/universities, service academies (military academies) or specialized schools (such as culinary or trade schools).

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