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Disc 1 – Know yourself and know what you want in a college


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Important questions all students should ask themselves before they begin their college search
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What’s Included:

  • Disc 1 of 6 in the Game Changer Video Series
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Game Changer is a 10+ hour college admissions video series that comes with a free 150-page workbook. It is the most comprehensive video explanation of the college process in the marketplace. This product is a dissemination of the vast amounts of knowledge Mark has gained over his years in the industry. Game Changer is designed to be a self paced course for individuals, a classroom course for groups, or as a tool for college counselors to use as a resource for their students. Game Changer comes with free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee. This applies to anyone who watches all 10+ hours of the series and is not satisfied for any reason.


  • Great for a classroom environment as it makes students think their way through the college process and guides them step-by-step through the college admissions process
  • Has dozens of helpful and thought provoking exercises that will help you to apply the content that is in the video series to your college search
  • The workbook also has bonus content not found in the videos such as:
    • Ten additional ways to get free money
    • 45 additional admission tips to increase your chances of getting accepted
    • A glossary of over 100 financial terms that are frequently used in the financial aspect of paying for college.


In this video, you will answer and reflect on 100+ questions in the following areas:

  • Academic environment and school size
  • Academic offerings
  • Activities, arts and athletics
  • Culture, student life, social life and student body characteristics
  • Diversity
  • Location
  • Name recognition and reputation
  • Cost
  • Additional parent questions
  • Final questions

Note: You will greatly enhance your mastery of the content in this video if you purchase the 150-page Game Changer workbook (which has bonus content) and complete the exercises for video 1.

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